Winyaarramba – Family Preservation

Winyaarramba is a voluntary Aboriginal family preservation service delivered in Grafton and Coffs Harbour and the surrounding areas. The service provides a culturally safe, trauma-informed in-home program to families who face removal of their children unless they address identified safety concerns. The program draws on crisis theory, behaviour modification, strengths-based approaches, skills permanency education and parenting skills.

Winyaarramba’s Young Mums Program gives our young mothers the opportunity to develop a support network that can help improve their social wellbeing. We know when our mums have a strong positive support network it improves the overall health of themselves and their children.

The Young Mums program allows our young mothers to gather in a culturally appropriate confidential setting where they can share their stories and experiences through motherhood as well as share coping strategies and gain insight from one another.

Additionally, this program gives our young mums the opportunity to increase their knowledge through comparing experiences and challenges that come with being a young mum.

Winyaarramba’s healthy cooking program provides our families the opportunity to come together and learn to cook healthy meals that are easy and affordable in a culturally appropriate setting. Through this program our families are able to develop healthy eating habits and ideas. Our families also take home what they cook in the program home to share with their family.

Our Family Preservation program can assist parents to establish suitable budgets for their family. Our Family Preservation workers support parents to ensure they are receiving correct payments Centrelink and support families when need at Centrelink. Through ongoing visits our family preservation workers support parents to create a budget to help manage their income. Where needed we refer families on for financial counselling.

Winyaarramba provides intensive parenting support to our families through regular home visits, meetings, and phone calls. Winyaarramba workers work one on one with parents to assist them with setting daily routines for both them and their children, developing strategies to assist with challenging behaviours and organise required day to day parenting obligations that help address their children’s individual needs. Additionally, our Family Preservation workers help guide parents through organising doctors’ appointments as well and provide advocacy to our families.


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