Social Support

The Social Support and Food Services program aims to continually improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people by social activities, advocacy, guest speakers and advice on health eating and wellbeing. The project helps to reduce social isolation for our Elders, the frail, aged and people with disabilities. The project provides information and food to assist clients to meet their daily health requirements.

Abcare’s Elders support program is designed to support Aboriginal people over 50 who are frail or have a disability. The aim of the Elders Social Support program is to improve their quality of life, remain independent, engage in social activities, improve mobility, community involvement and reduce self-isolation.

The program invites guest speakers to come and speak with the group about services that are available and how to access relevant services.

Our social support program provides a range of group activities, such as:

  • Groups outings to local places
  • Art and craft activities
  • Attendance and participation at the Elders Olympics held annually.
  • Day trips and over night trips to different events
  • Low impact fitness and exercise.

Our social support program can also provide one on one support for:

  • Advocacy
  • Advice on health and wellbeing

The Elders food service has a particular focus on the health outcomes of Closing the Gap strategies.

Our food service program provides a one a week cooking program with nutritional information and advice to our elders on meeting their daily health requirements by assisting with:

  • Weekly shopping
  • Monthly food vouchers
  • Assistance with cooking
  • Meal preparation
  • Support independence at home in the kitchen
  • Advice with healthy recipes to prevent the risk of developing health issues including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.


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